South Coast Recovery / South Coast Medical: US Defense Budget Scum Money for Harassment

I had no addiction. I was coerced. This ties to the guilt used to make it seem that I brought on this action myself: they ruined my life in China from Sept 2003 to the day I left. After 3 work semesters of sleep deprivation using neighboring apartments in three different spaces, as well as further sleep disruptions and noise disruptions at two consequetive apartments in Guangzhou where I was a student attempting to  advance my language skills, my life was in a manufactured disarray. A setup using foreign teachers, that coaxed me to use MDMA weekly, as well as pick-up women in what became habitual promiscuous behavior, all was set to create a guilt feeling when the source of this made it clear to me that I was under surveillance and I was being abused. This had multiple goals one being an argument aimed at coercing me into rehabs. While in the rehabs, the offices of my trustees worked with the source of this as I was being seriously abused to psychologically condition me to degrading themes, as the source of this used gag ruled people to abuse me, based on the source telling the clients and staff that I was a pedophile.

“At some date, the CIA “identified three key behavioral components integral to its emerging techniques for psychological torture” according to McCoy (2006, p. 32). The work of Albert Biederman at the Bureau of Social Science Research in Washington, D.C., Irving Janis (Yale University), Harold Wolff and Lawrence Hinkle (at Cornell Medical College in New York) on “the role of self-inflicted pain in Communist interrogation”; the work of Stanley Milgram at Yale University showing that “almost any individual is capable of torture,” and the work of Donald O. Hebb at McGill showing “the devastating impact of sensory deprivation.”

-RICHARD E. BROWN. ALFRED MCCOY’S CONFUSION ABOUT HEBB, THE CIA, AND TORTURE … Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 43(2), 205–213 Spring 2007. Published … RICHARD E. BROWN is Professor of Psychology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (

This is my first post regarding the serial ‘rehab fraud of 2006’ since going public with this on the internet, using my name, june 2010. This is somewhat pieced together from other pages. Since 2007 have disruptions continuously in public libraries.

“McCoy argues, the CIA developed a “specifically American” torture paradigm: eluding detection and avoiding obvious brutality, “
-Review of The Trauma of Psychological Torture
J. Patrice McSherry
Social Justice. 37.2-3 (Summer-Fall 2010)

Below are sections:

  2. Irwin Rosenfeld, MD / Jenny Rosenberg, Amdocs (with historical note on US importation of Nazis)
  3. Manufacturing a Crisis (South Coast Medical and Jay Cassidy
  4. South Coast Recovery Group Harassment (degrading themes pedophile associations made. Related to my experiences dueing the conspiracy to house me in Binghamton NY and go to Broome County Library )

South Coast Recovery / South Coast Medical: CIA Scum Money for Harassment and conditioning my mind to topics of a degrading nature. The CIA aside from getting my brother a job in ski lover haven, Aspen Colorado, they are responsible  for arranging a 27 year old nephew of mine to get a 150,000 supervisory position at Halibuton in exchange for my sister’s entire family’s cooperation with them (kids, third husband, etc.), (at the time 2011) Chris Jones, the lucky guy, was not educated beyond high school, and had worked for Haliburton New Mexico, for 4 years parking oil rigs in the oil yard. (San Antonio Hell: from another blog portions erased:

Capability Note US military CIA Emerging Weapons Technologies Aerospace and Bio-Neurology

This research explores the current capabilities of the US military to use electromagnetic (EMF) devices to harass, intimidate, and kill individuals “ 

-Professor Peter Phillips, Lew Brown, Bridget Thornton (索诺马加利福尼亚 州立大学),   Sonoma State University (2006) US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights (美国电磁武器和人)(

  • “The ‘black budget’ funds a covert world of unaccountable intelligence activities, covert military/intelligence operations and classified weapons programs. ….The key to uncovering the true size of the black budget are the chronic accounting anomalies in the DoD budget that reveal that as much as one trillion US dollars is annually being siphoned by the CIA into the DoD for secret distribution to various military intelligence agencies and the ‘deep black’ programs they respectively support. “-end quote. -Michael E. Salla, PhD Center for Global Peace/School of International Service American University.
  • “The US military have undertaken research on these receptor sites for many years.  Of the few that have been identified, some can cause temporary blindness; can make you think  you are smelling something that is not there; can cause submissiveness or extreme anxiety .329”  (page 66: sec. 6.3.1 Calmatives: CROWD CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES (An appraisal of
    technologies for political control) Final Study Working document for the STOA Panel.  Luxembourg, June 2000 PE

reference for affects of these weapons systems (open in new window):




I graduated with MA Chinese Studies University of London SOAS 2003. I lived in East Asian 8 years, traveled to more than 14 countries. I worked in radio, and after undergrad I worked in teaching, until I went for my Masters study. I am a fluent speaker of Chinese. Below is a copy and paste of a few differing pages on blogs concerning this. I am my only advocate. Controls are set on all people associating with me. No one can be an autonomous friend. I have had sabotage in many varying ways, to new friends made.

There was an intended plan to ruin my trust, allowing family to embezzle. Rehabs were used 1. to direct psychological conditioning through harassment in a controlled setting 2. have councilors push me into psyche wards on voluntary basis, then have staff apply medication first night before ever seeing a doctor, that induced a verbal rage and banging the next day. That is medically induced violence, to be put on involuntary status (California Aug. 2006 / Colorado July 2006).

That took from my trust over $20,000. Include what Jenny was involved in (April 2006) Lutheran Medical Wheat Ridge Denver Colorado, the total is near $36,000 from my trust. Conspiracy 100%. No medical psychiatric need at all 100%.

Thank you America you sick evil murdering lie of a country.

  • 2006: I lost more than 35,000 to Jim Kehoe and Jenny Rosenberg; close or more than 50,000 to Fraud Crime Rehab Forced upon me and Psyche Wards used for “military/intelligence operations and classified weapons program”. That is while I am jobless, and interfered with in social, career, housing, to an extreme state. I am homeless and penniless today (June 2013)

This country’s Secret Testing of Emerging Weapons Technologies based on aerospace and bio-neuro-telepathy has done to me, and is similar to what many Jewish people encountered early before that death camps.

If you think that this is strange, it is totally true. I wrote about this in a page on a blog, Marriage between Aerospace and Bio-Neuroscience was made in Space: NASA 1960s:

see here

Irwin Rosenfeld, MD / Jenny Rosenberg, Amdocs: Jewish People who are Equated as Nazis: Helping US CIA Black Budget operations:

Irwin Rosenfeld, MD / Jenny Rosenberg, Amdocs: Jewish People who are Equated as Nazis: Helping US CIA Black Budget operations:


“….robbed the Jews of their material belongings, it also stripped them of their humanity……”-John Alzate

This country, the USA, through secret weapons development testing based on electromagnetism, stole possessions from my laptop, digital camera and two other cameras (3 cameras total $1400) all in 2006.

In 2008: vast book and music collection, clothing worth over 1000 from my apartment and my print copies of creative writing, my academic work and resources.

They have taking my friends, while using my family to commit this atrocious act of isolation, torture, and more. I cannot find a job, and my career in Chinese anthropology is destroyed.

I am utterly isolated within groups or associations who are limited and not autonomous in their association with me.

I am plagued night and day with all sorts of varying sensations that come and go as quick as a light switch.

A professor from my undergraduate study, Irwin Sperber of New Paltz College ( gave our class in SUNY New Paltz a bit of information that is not too well known.

He Introduced the class, one time, to the fact that Sociologist Talcott Parsons, was involved in recruiting former Nazi Scientists into the US.

The only other time I came upon this historic, yet hidden fact, was in 2008 or 2009, when I was researching work on the CIA’s human experimentation, and Mk Ultra.

My own little blog on this, kept having portions deleted, such as the footnotes, and the portions about the gruesome experiments in Nazi held territory of one or more of these recruits. That is due to information war technologies. Here is that blog:

I remember Irwin Sperber, PhD, best as a serious teacher who taught sociology only from primary sources and text, be it Freud, Weber or Durkheim or Marx, and much of the other theorists that were to be understood. He is still a very good and serious teacher at New Paltz who’s research focuses on Sociology of Medicine.

The Few Jewish People who are Equated as Nazis

Dr. Irwin Rosenfeld, MD licensed in California to practice Psychiatry. (Rosenfeld Irwin I Md in Laguna Hills, CA) Jenny Rosenberg, Amdocs, Snowmass, Colorado: Nazi scientists were brought to America, in a secret program in the aftermath of WWII.

Some were war criminals,, some committed or were involved in atrocities. False identities were given to some, or safe passage to Latin America.

Many ended up working for the United States Military, such as Hubertus Strunghold, who presided over experiments in Nazi Germany that used Jewish and Romany prisoners in experiments for aviation. Gruesome details of Strunghold’s Nazi work are cited in CIA Doctors (2006) by Colin A. Ross. Wikipedia states the following, leaving out the fact that prisoners died by ripping their hair and eyes out, in these pressure simulation tanks. “In early 1942, prisoners at Dachau concentration camp were used by Sigmund Rascher in experiments to aid German pilots who had to eject at high altitudes. A low-pressure chamber containing these prisoners was used to simulate conditions at altitudes of up to 20,000 m (66,000 ft). It was rumored that Rascher performed vivisections on the brains of victims who survived the initial experiment.[21] Of the 200 subjects, 80 died outright, and the others were executed (

The operation was called Operation Paperclip, and it was a secret operation to get more than 1000 scientists that worked for Nazi Germany, to the US. Many had engaged in behaviors that would be considered war crimes, but who cared? Linda Hunt is one scholar who has written about this. Here are some US citizens who have behaved like NAZIS, who happen to be Jewish. I find it deplorable that this has happened, though what they are a part of, my victimized by human experimentation, may have roots to some extent, in the heritage that the CIA gained, in bringing NAZIS to these shores, the USA.

Dr. Irwin Rosenfeld and South Coast Medical:

Manufacturing a Crisis

How I got to California

I got to California after in July’s end 2006, after returning to Jim’s Snowmass home, Jenny conveniently visiting her mother with her child. Matthew Kehoe (Matthew E. Kehoe – RBC Wealth Management – Wellesley Hills, MA) told me that I should go to a sober living or transitional living center. Using a trust and his position, making me spend on institutionalization, that is 100% unneeded, and fully exploited by this Black Budget Operation. At that time, end of July 2006, I finally find gang stalking after searching secret / covert harassment at Jim’s house using his computer (see Gang Stalking Hoax:( This crisis and excuse for rehabs, with no uncertainty, was the plan of this Black Budget Testing Operations, as in October 2005, I met and was surrounded by the group of expats, who were solicitous in getting me out weekends to ‘party’, another solicitous in picking up girls from bars and partying at his house. He destroys my ATM card in February 2006, in one act of many that kick start this entire manufactured crisis. That included vias tampering. US passport tamping; grand theft totals 4000 within a 2 day period mid Feb. 2006.

I had already seen bills that were eventually paid by Bill Kehoe Utica, all due not to mental illness, but crime fruad and coercion. They amounted to 16,000 to 20,000 not including more from Grand Juniction Psyche , as well as shelling out 3400 for more of this in Grand Junction, where I visited the FBI on Sat. when they were closed. By this time, Jim and Jenny had acquired directly from y private RBC Wealth Management Account, more than 35,000 from transfers and check fraud.

The South Coast Medical Center was co-opted and offered hell and sick crap. The person who conned me into going to the place, as a voluntary patient, was of course just doing a job he was asked to do by the conspiracy that since 2005 began to target my trust left to me by my father, for reduction as fast as possible. He was fired from the position he had, when he conned me into going. That was due to me stating “conned” over the phone.

That came days after being put on involuntary status, due to a medically induce verbal outrage, wrestled to the ground with elbows jabbing my back for 5 minutes, to get me to scream more, jabbed with needle and drugged then, strapped to a bed. I had freaked out on the first full day, in the morning, due to medication making me feel closed in, rude staff ignoring my “I thought this was just a one day thing….what is the game plan….iI have not see a doctor”. How did this all get going, in the first place?

On the first day, late afternoon, at the hospital, still being coerced, an empty ER room and a long wait.

During the emergency room wait for blood test results before going up to the psyche floor. The ER room was empty, for the 2 hours, except for me. Staff stayed behind a glassed in partition, in a sealed space, their offices.

That is a fact, a totally empty ER room for about 2 or more hours.

There was this pulsating high frequency squelching and more, that came from both directions, for two hours. Jay Cassidy, the guy who stated that I should just visit the psyche ward for “one day”.

He stated he would sit with me in the ER room while I waited for the results. He could not bear the noise and kept leaving for long periods, then every now and then he would return for a few minutes. He stated he had people to visit in the hospital. Later it was obvious as his face expressed, he too knew that the noise was unbearable, and he could tell I am sure that it was part of th reason he was asked get me to the hospital.

Eventually, I stated I needed fresh air, and when we went out, I told him the noise was unbearable.

Medical induced violent reaction to conspiracy,

to be put on 2 week involuntary status.

That noise was to cause stress, so that once I was in the place, and medication was administered the first night, the next day, as I felt like “I do not need to be here and this is a scam” and when staff were rude and ignored me when i was asking “what is the game plan, I am only here for one night and one day”, all the scam would be intolerable, and I freaked out and began yelling. They had four guys wrestle me to the floor, elbows buried into my back to make me scream more, for about 5 minutes, then a needle, and strapped to a bed. Involuntary stay for 2 weeks paid for out of my trust by Bill Kehoe.

How did this occur in the beginning?

People I lived with were obviously told to go into my room and throw my articles of clothing around, to get me to react. I did not react in the manner desired, such as a yelling fit. I simply told others about this, and was annoyed. I complained. Jay Cassidy stated “you should go to the psyche ward…for one night….all the crap that happened to you in China … will feel better….”.

That one night became a medical bill that I did not have to pay for, and was totally the results of conspiracy, fraud, etc. That “one night” cost over $5000, maybe 7000 or 8000, maybe 10,000.

I only saw the trust records in 2010, and these eventually tossed out of my motel room, in because of the claim that I made death threats, 2/2/11.

South Coast Recovery Group Harassment

Clients and staff (not all) were included in verbal and cell phone direction, for planned psychological conditioning based on themes of a sexually degrading nature. Some used snide remarks, and gestures, when told to, that made me feel I was accused of homosexuality, as well as other more serious deviance. Those enrolled, so to speak, were responsible for going into backpack and other baggage for disrupting things, on a regular basis, such as stealing pages from articles or essays I would print from the internet, and much more.

That is a fact.

Group sessions (see one example below) were used in very specific ways to harass and condition me, with seating arrangements all planned, ploys to keep me out of the meeting room till the seat they need me to sit in was the only one. (see footnote 1 for example)

I used drugs in high school and partied the same in 1985, more then I ever did in my life. After the the partying and working at local jobs, in Fall 1985,  I began a successful study and earned a BA degree in 1990.

2006 from April to November was a hell, as I had no friend or ally, only people who isolated me, and were working for this CIA/ US Military Emerging Technologies Experiment.

Based on the crisis of conspiracies that ended in theft of more than 5000 usd from me, within a matter of a few days, in Feb. 2006, they forced me to accept their demands while working with those who were the root cause of the theft and conspiracies in Guangzhou.

The solicitor of the partying, Travis, a Canadian teacher, destroyed my ATM card, to kick off what was planned, for Jim to go to my trustee and get whatever he wanted, after loaning me money in Western union transfers, to China, in late Feb.



(taken from a letter to an old friend February 8th, 2012)

“Stress and anxiety levels both mount as a result of sleepiness.” – page 6-7 in Amanda L. Conrad, Sleep Deprivation Research Paper (November 28, 2006)

Things done in house by other tenants and clients to make sleep impossible always came the night before harassment in a group. That morning in a group setting, lecture type thing, people distract me so I take my seat one of last to go into room. Seating arranged. The lecturer group speaker says me a few speical ones of yours. People are called on, and the only names on the board he writes is Asher, Alex, Jessica, Matt.

My sisters youngest Matt, Mike’s daugher Jessica, and Jim’s two kids are Alex and Asher.

Then speaker “what could be horrible to happen to them”.

the mention of sexual predator.

There is a tap on the back of my chair, and immediately notice baseball cap standing person with arms folded, standing against the wall, glaring at me, more taps on the chair, and I get anxiety attack….

This sort of thing happened several times and many times in the AA meetings.

In the place I was in July 2006, place no one gave their cell phones up as the policy stated, and there were cruel shit all the time. I want to sue these places.

That rehab was a planned psychological conditioning thing.


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